Famous Imitation Jewellery Brand in Maharashtra - Kubers from Kolhapur

Jk’s Kuber Jewelleries is one of the oldest Jewellery shop in Kolhapur established in 1981 for selling high quality imitation jewellery as well as authentic Kolhapuri Saaj (made from Silver with Pure Gold plating)

The name JK’s is known for their quality and rich traditional design collection.

JK’s sell Traditional Maharashtian Kolhapuri Jewellery which are hand made with intricate custom made designs using best quality materials without any compromise on QUALITY.

Customers all across Maharashtra travel to this shop to get Imitation Jewellery for Religious Occasions, Festivals, Party, Wedding (Bridal sets). Many of our Customers are visiting this shop since generations.

We believe in Quality and hence maintained customer relations since last few decades.

How Jk’s Kuber Jewelleries became TOP BRAND in Kolhapur?

Women visiting Kolhapur for Mahalaxmi darshan have also one more important task in mind, to buy special Kolhapuri Saaj – a traditional ornament famous in Maharashtra since generations.

Alongwith this surely they buy more trendy jewelry which is specialty of artists from Kolhapur, however spending more money on original Gold jwelery seems to be difficult due to safety and theft issue faced in marriages and functions, so they buy artificial (imitation) jewellery from Kolhapur.

Jk’s Kuber Jewelleries founded in early 1980’s and located just near to the main entrance of Mahalaxmi temple became a benchmark of quality and providing numerous options to customers.

As the technology changed, most of the customers from Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad and all across Maharashtra as well as India started asking about online booking of latest jewellery from Kuber’s and that is how this online website has started to provide a location for finding trendy but affordable jewelry online in India.

Its a most trusted destination for online jewelry in India. Of course, we agree that there are the high-end jewelers selling items costing 10,000 to 1 lac rupees online however as we know that most women like to use these imitation Jewelleries for daily use it better to buy mid range priced items rather than spending a lot or using pure gold ornaments.

So we are sure that Jk’s Kuber Jewelleries website mSave.in will be your most favorite place to buy affordable, trendy jewelry. It will be your one stop reliable shop forever. Its a retail destination for girls seeking trendy jewelry at affordable prices.

Since 1981, Kuber’s have been growing as a reliable brand to get fashionable, affordable and long lasting finish items. The founder Mr. Chandrakant J. Kuber believed to invest in the essentials and play around with trends.

mSave India website is the perfect place to get on the latest jewelry trends in India and Maharashtra without spending thousands of rupees. You will get everything here starting from delicate bangles to necklaces or a complete birdal jewelery sets. And if you wish to spend more get on to the Silver jewelery with Gold plating a typical Kolhauri Saaj.

While being so much affordable, surely the jewelery sets looks so authentic, high-quality and stylish. While you use them everyday, they will look as good as new.

Also do not forget to mark the website or subscribe for the newsletter to get information on the new fashion trends and new arrivals, as we keep introducing new designs on every festive occasion. Look at our best sellers or daily essentials.

And if you wish to spend some more .. look for our fine jewelry collection which is traditional, rich looking and  timeless, especially if you are going out of India for some reason, wearing these is a must.

Jewellery A perfect gift for someone who love

Well needless to save that all Indian girls love gifts, specially the jewellery.

This gift is counted as trendy and timeless, when the designs are traditional it makes it a great gift.

So, while you are thinking of gifting something special to your love, checkout mSave.in.

We are sure you will find a perfect match to her style and taste …. and in case you feel to give something more special, just get in touch with us and we will make something custom ONLY FOR YOUR LOVE (by spending little extra for someone very special to you)

There are so many options to choose from, we are sure you will get ornament that fits to your girl’s taste.

Where we are located?

Jk’s Kuber Jewelleries, Kolhapur

114 B, Pashchim Darawaja, Mahadwar Road, Kolhapur – 416012, Near Mahalaxmi Mandir


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